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Features to skyrocket 🚀 your business growth

The pace of business growth has never been faster.

That's why we’ve designed our cloud-based POS software to help you get ahead.

The easiest, most reliable way to grow and manage your business is right at your fingertips with our cloud-based POS and inventory management system.

Right software can be a lifesaver for your business, and with it, you can revolutionize your business's growth

Access Anywhere!

Check your business data from anywhere, anytime. See live updates in realtime

No Installation

No software to install, No hardware dependency. Just open browser & start using.

MultiBranches & Warehouse

Manage stock of multiple branches in one place effortlessly & real-time.

User access limit

Powerful user Role & Permission management to limit employees access to business data

Stock Management

Manage stocks with from multiple locations, stock expiry, lot number, stock history & much more.

Service Management

Manage & easily invoice for services. Also dedicated repair service management features to schedule & deliver services on time

HR Management

With HR management easily track daily attendance, shift management, leaves, payroll, Holidays, Departments, & Designations

Customer Management

CRM module help you to track leads lifecycle, followup with leads, sources, followup, launch campaigns, proposals and lot more

Simplified Interface

Simple to use interface to get work done in few clicks. Save your time & make it easy for staffs to use.


Comes inbuilt with lot of report to help business owners analyse every revenue, inventory, payments & human resource.

We're Ready For Your Business!

If you're in need of business management software, you've come to the right place. 

We have a clean, modern modular design that is sure to fit your business!

Departmental Store

Looking for a software solution that can help you manage and sell all of your essential items in one place? Look no further than our one-stop departmental store software. Whether you need to sell clothes, shoes, bags, or any other type of item, our software has you covered. Plus, our easy-to-use interface makes it simple to get started selling right away. So why wait? Get started today!

Retail & Wholesale

A complete suite of features to manage both retail & wholesales stores. Set multiple prices for different customer segments or different business locations.


Our software is perfect for any pharmaceutical company. You can set product expiration dates and lot numbers, and sell in different units of measure. Stop selling expired & to-be-expired items to customers. Check details reports on stock expiry by lot numbers


Easy to use for every liquor shop. Sell in ml of simple sell the bottle, you can easily manage them.

Mobile & Electronics

Record inventory serial number, sell items with particular serial number,

Repair Shop

A complete suite of features to manage repair business, create job sheet, assign job sheet to technician, repair status, convert job sheet to invoices. Self link for customers to check repair progress

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More & More businesses are adopting our cloud-based business management solution

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What They Says About Us

Damas Mwacha

System imetusaidia sana kwasabab naweza kutumia nikiwa popote, kwa maana kabla ya hapo nilikuwa siwezi kusafiri kwenye hata mkoa jirani kwa mda mrefu, kwa sababu system iliokuepo mwanzo ilinilazimu kuwepo Arusha mda wote ili tu stock ikiisha niweze kwenda physically ofisini kuongeza stock kwenye system ili watu wa dukani weweze kuendelea na mauzo. Ila sasa naweza kuona na kucontrol vitu vingi hata kama sipo dukani physically. 

Ni kitu kizuri sana.

Clement Manyata

System nimeipenda sababu sasa naweza kuona stock kwa kila duka, na jumla ya stock kwa maduka yote. Report zake zipo kwenye mpangilio mzuri, kiasi kwamba naweza kuangalia bidhaa moja tu kuanzia manunuzi yake na namna ilivyouzwa mpaka stock ilivyo sasaivi.

Urahisi wake wa kutumia kwenye device yoyote, hii imesaidia kwani hata kwenye device ndogo unaona kila kitu vizuri.

Ni system nzuri niliowahi kutumia.

Veronica Mnyekelo

We have used this for 9 months now. It has helped our business grow by leaps and bounds. The interface and its simplicity have made it easy for us to learn and get familiar with.

The best thing about this software is that it is cloud-based and we can use it from our shop, warehouse, or mobile while traveling.

I can also see its potential as we continue to grow.

Highly Satisfied!

Pablo Parmacy

This tool is beautiful, we hope this won't crush one day. It's amazing because I can manage my business right from my laptop or smartphone, knowing what is going on every minute.

The Paints Solutions

Hichi ndo kitu nilichokua natafuta, sasaiv naweza kutrack madeni yangu bila kusahau hata moja. Nawapendekeza G SHOP POS kwa usimamizi mzuri wa biashara yako.

Automate your business Today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we switch to cloud-based business management software compared to traditional desktop software?

Cloud-based software provides you a low-cost, secure & mobile software solutions. Compared to traditional software that requires it to install on a computer - cloud-based can be accessed from anywhere without any hardware dependency.

How secure is my business data?

All data are stored in our centralized database which is highly protected with multi-layers of privileges. We takes regular frequency interval automated backup to protect from any unwanted consequences.

Whom should I reach out to in case of any problems?

Please contact our support, write us in the contact section or call to the number mentioned. You're assured to receive a response in a maximum of 24 hours.

Is this POS application Free?

We do provide a free tier for very small business or business that is about to start. To take more advantage of this POS software we recommend that you upgrade to a better plan that unlocks more features.

Do you provide consultancy or implementation solutions for using this POS software?

Yes, with a pro plan you can connect with one of our experts who will help you with implementing the solution for your business.

Are there any additional hardware required or subscription charges?

This is cloud-based software. You'll only need a device with an internet connection & chrome browser. It runs within the browser. No additional hardware is required. But you can use some hardware like barcode scanners, and printers for your convenience to speed up work.

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